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Thanks for a great year


I want to be the 1st to say thanks www.fordpinto. com for haveing us derby guys around for a year. i hope you will let us stay even though not much has been going on in the off season for most.  :happy_bday:

Thanks to you folks for helping others with your spare parts.

Have a good and safe season.


Tude, you have been an asset to this community. Thanks to you.

thanks. i love this sport and i love to see fords take the money home, thats why i love being here so much. i just wish some of the other sites was like this one. i talked to one of the crown vic sites (what i mainly run) well they were not as forgiving as the folks here. i do belive i was banned i tried my password about 15 times well i havent been back in several monthes so i wont evn advertise there site on mine. this site is posted on mine in several diffrent spots thoughout the site.

Once again thanks for a wonderful year and hopefully more to come


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