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strenghthing the car up


to strengthen up your car-

-where every you cut a hole out of like say the hood for headers / rad watering hole, whatever , use 3/8 bolts to hold the inner/ outer skins together

-before doing that take old sheetmetal and slide it in between the two

- weld all the seams possible inside and out

- weld all doors solid

- wire the top of the doors to the roof by drilling a hole every 6inches or so and run wire around and back going through the window hole

- if you have shock bumpers, take them off, use some thing to put a hole in it (not saying its safe but what i use a chop saw) then take it over to the press and push it down and weld it solid , go about an inch or 2 at a time they willblow up and you will be knocked down - at least i was the first time

- put an old a/c cooler in front of the rad, also use a punch and put holes in it and move it side to side - takes about 30 min but when your on the track it will begin to smash flat not letting it breath so the holes are there and they will help with the air flow, if possible use 2 a/c coolers

- fold hood holes or fenders when you cut them out and bolt them solid

- dont just run the minimum amout of wire from the fire wall to the roof run at least 2 if mot 3 - if for some reason that hood happens (or bumpers from other cars) wants to come in through the windsheild it will help stop it - this is only becouse i say a guy get his face rearranged by an oldsmobile hood a few weaks ago and there was lots of blood the guy that hit him thought it got his eye but missed


Hey Tude,
  Had to chuckle on the shocks that blew up and knocked you down.Did you get back up?
  That happened to me cutting a back bumper of off a Pinto.Sounded like a shot gun,I didn't fall down ,but I was ready to defend myself! I thought I was getting shot at!
  I also liked the "lots of blood" part.That is always cool in a demo if it isn't you.Sounds like the guy had a very poorly prepared demo car.Your hood shouldn't move.Of course you said he was driving an Oldsmobile and not a Pinto.

ya i got up and decided that it was welded enough lol

no matter what im running it will from now on have 2 if not 3 peices of wire, chain angle iron on the windsheild becouse the way i use the front end no matter what it is whether it be a compact, fullsize or truck

-run steel bumpers becouse amluminum doesnt bend it just cracks and falls off

-run a cage , what i do is get 2 peices of huge C-channel or Ibeams run down the inside of the car with big pipes from side to side making a box, this will keap the seat from breaking with a hard hit and holds it a lot more solid side to side

-straight stack the leaf springs then use a seat belt and duct tape

-use valve stem protecters on your rims, they can easily be made by using a small block chevy rocker arm over it then welding it on (also it keeps you from putting it on you daily driver and wondering what the f#%) or by useing 2 bolts one on each side

- use innertubes in all 4 tires much less doubled tires with innertubes= very hard to pop


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