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Nevada Pinto:
I want to stack a set of leaf springs.. Dose anyone have a picture what they should look like...

i dont have any pics and ive never done it, it sounds like a pain to do and from what ive heard you flip over every other one and bolt them together like a normal set of springs.

()()()( -somewhat like this and then you bolt them together

its called straight stacking i think

10,000lsb fork lift leafs work finr for me. :hypno:

dirt track demon:
When you stack the leafs,  Dont the 2 that will be facing each other  ()  have to be the same length??  Its been awhile, but I think youll need 4 sets of leafs to make 2 sets.  I could be wrong so dont quote me. Id hate to be called a retard again by someone who cant even spell.

The 2 facing each other don't have to be the same length.  They just can't be way different lengths.  What I do is add one leaf flipped on top of the main (close to the same length) and then after that flip every other one with another leaf added and the bottom two left as normal.  Punch out the center stud and run 3/8" allthread through the middle of all the leafs and tighten them.  For safeties sake after all the leafs start to compress pretty good, I throw them in a press and then tighten them down the remaining.  I don't have any pics as of right now.


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