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Stacked leafs..

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Oh yah, don't forget to clamp the leafs in as many place as possible.

dirt track demon:
good call on the clamp them everywhere, or else you will have full spring on dampening and only 2plys on rebound.

Okay,don't laugh,I'm serious.
 Have you ever tried duct tape on the springs?It works,and passes inspection at places that don't allow clamping of the springs.Just wrap the springs so that the tape is about 1/2" thick.It will take a couple of rolls ,but I have seen the spings bend right at the end of the tape,so it does work.My current demo car has taped springs.


dirt track demon:
 :D  I think i see a new 3M commercial in the making. ;)

I use duct taped springs too but they have seat belt wrapped around the springs first.


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