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some weak points


I have recently acquired an 80 something pinto, they are contagious people always see the pinto i am fixing up and ask if i want another one.  There is nothing on this pinto that i can use for my 74.  I have been doing the import derby's for a couple of years now and this will be my first time in a pinto (sedan).  It has that HUGE back window that is the hatch, the hinges bolt directly to it so i am afraid i might be off to a bad start already by running this.  If anyone has any tips that they would like to share about weak points in the pinto's like steering, automatic shifters, whatever it would be greatly appreciated.  I know that its kinda like asking for naked pictures of your wives for some of you but any help i can get would be cool.  The rules are pretty strict on reinforcing the pan or front or rear bumpers.

     There really isn't anything weak about a Pinto except for the fact that they get the heck beat out of them cause they are so sturdy. Are you having a specific problem?


nope no specific problems.  I was just wondering before i dump a bunch of time into this one. 

about the best tip i can tell you is get a steel or steel on steel bumper the aluminum bumpers will crack and fall off but on the plus side they wont bend very easy lol. but you cant weld alum very well im sure. make sure to get the floor tied to the axle good the last fe i saw run all went up like 2 foot and the rear leaf spring hanger was infront of the axle.

it doesn't have aluminum bumpers on it so im fine.  Has anyone had any problems with the stock auto shifter when the car bangs up or is it pretty strong?


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