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Nevada Pinto:
I was wondering what the correct timing is for a points distributor a 2.3....Im going 16 degrees over TDC...

pm sent

when the dist is in the right spot (1/4) and the moter is very warmed up just about to hot

loosen the dist

while the moter is running turn it back and forth

this will let it run better when it is hot and start easier

it will start a little hard when it is cold but it wont stay cold for very long if you drive like i do

Okay Brad,
  Here's the deal.Run electronic if you can.I take some Jb weld or epoxy product and lock my vacuum advance.When I set my timing,I run the car at about 3,000 rpm.This is so you get full mechanical advance.Set the timing at about 28 degrees BEFORE TOP DEAD CENTER.This is actually retarded for normal driving,but in a demo car you do not want detonation to occur when it gets hot.
  How was Faribault demo?I suppose Jason was there?

Nevada Pinto:
 Thats what I needed to know...Thanks denny...I was setting it at 16 degrees over TDC...Ran but not good....

Nevada Pinto:
Another Question.....I have the new distributor that I'm going to install what do I set the motor at before I drop in the new distributor... .TDC Or at zero..


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