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phils toys:
just curious as to the average prize money that can be won at a demo. I elected out of my usual demo and watched my brother in law(17) and nephew(17) run in the demo.My nephew made it to 4th in his heat, but the over all winner  receives $2,000, 2nd $800 and breaks down from there. also the same 2 brothers win every year. maybe next year one of you regular demo drivers can dethrone them.
by the way it is always on labor day at stateline speedway in busti ,NY.   today they did announce they will have another on Oct 7  but did not say what the prize money will be.

well depends on where you run and who puts it on some places pay great some pay very very poorly the most ive seen paid to 1st in compact was $600-800 in full size it was about $800- $1200 both breaking down from there , the worst is my hometown demo jacksonville ill. 1st in full size is $300 and i think compact is $100-$200

try looking on m they have demo prize money listed for just about every where

The biggest payout i've seen for compacts was $1500.

last sunday i think it was $500 for compacts

i was in a truck $300 for first had over $400 in it and got sencond- no money no trophy there was 4 of us now if say there was 20 it would have been another story

dirt track demon:
  300 to 500 for 1st  100 to 200 for 2nd around here.  Anybody go to the ones at the superdome?, we get flyers for it and they are advertising 10,000 to win.


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