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Pinto Wins at chamionship derby


 Sept 29 Back to back promtions put on a $20,000 championship derby In Wilmington ohio and the first heat of the night was a one shot compact for $1,000 alot of soild cars showed up but the last three still pounding was a a fox body mustang and two well built pintos. and it was one but a pinto
My life is derby and cars lol i build em and destroy em

Pinto mike


Congrats Mike!!!!
 Make sure the parts U take off go to good use by letting us know...
 From Pintony

      yeah Tony its funny you say that i have ran 3 in my life so far and thats what made me love them so much since destroying a few Now i own a 1979 hatchback as my daily driving and building a 77 v8 wagon as we speek lol i bought the wagon for derby but i cant seem to tear them up anymore lol so i started building them lol

lol so its nice to destory a pacer lol ahhah

but i will always let you guys know if i have anything
Try to keep some cars still around

pinto mike

phils toys:
I have enjoyed a few demos as well. i always  used cars from the 80's though. Just keep safe and have fun. and  give us a chance at the usable parts.
Phils toys


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