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Outlawing and Sedagoning


I was wonder whats the best way to sedagon wagons? And also if you were building a semi-outlaw wagon what would you do?     Matt  #89r

If you want to sedagon a Pinto,I would say you would loose more strength than gain.
  As far as an outlaw car-depends on the rules.Plating the frame would be a good starter.

well i have never ran a wagon so im no expert on them, but im not much of a fan of them either. but heres a pic of a fullsize wagon i watched run last summer at one of my local (1 1/2 hours away) its the green gm wagon in a full weld suiside lincoln derby.

heat 1-

lower right hand corner-

right side-


on the far side of #62

a side shot of the car *note the car closest to the camera thats a stock gm wagon rear of around the same year i think* so id say sedagoning would help alot!

he ended up winning 1st place that night sorry thats the only sedagon i have pictures of and the best ive ever seen a wagon ever fold i hope it helps

hey tude, the closest car to the camera is a '70s ford, lol


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