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new pinto for 09

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just picked up a 78 hatch for the 09 derby season, was suppose to be a driver but decided it was gonna be too much work... this will be my first hatch so i'm excited to see how its gonna bend...  alll the parts i dont need are for sale in the parts classified..  thanks..          Matt   #89r

make sure to get some after pics for me.  :accident:

Dad just bought a 80 pinto wagon to derby. It has an actual army green paint job on it. Super clean car. will get pics later.

You're smashing a super clean car?  :o

With square headlights no less!   :surprised:

definently will have after pics. thinking about running osky so you might just see it in person.. :) also gonna finish off my pos  sedangoned wagon.

Anybody have any new pinto's for 09??


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