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My last demo car....

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--- Quote from: kdda191 on August 27, 2008, 08:31:31 PM ---I was going to, but the last time I did on here, nobody came thru with the parts I had so i didnt feel like taking the time to strip in carefully. Oh well. If I ever get anymore wagons (which I have had 7 in 4 years) Ill save parts since Im not demoing anymore.

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The issue is that there is a limited market for those items, and if you are willing to be patient, or list them on ebay (more exposure), you will get money for them. Otherwise, you make all the other ones worth more.


i picked up a wagon identical to that this year... it was way to rusty to run though.... we pulled it out of a pasture.. let me rephrase that, we first pulled the front stub, then the rest of the car out of a pasture..  i had to shred it.... 

Well last nite was it...Car is done. Got 4th in a hard demo. It was our big payout of the year show, so all good cars showed up. Ill get pics up later. But you dont have to worry, as I will no be smashing anymore Pintos at all!!!! If I get the bug again, Ill go back to Fairmonts.


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