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I won with a Pinto Wagon...did anyone else ? Let's hear about it.

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  Anybody winning with Pintos or Mustang II's in the derbies?Tell us about it!
  I won the New Ulm,Mn. demo with my 1980 Pinto wagon.16 cars,and in the end it was four against one....but the old Pinto did her again.
  I'll let you know how I do on Wednesday,Aug.15.

I have finally gave up on running the pinto's here in Missouri. I run amc spirits only now but it has the heart, and legs of a pinto still(2.3 w/c4 and 8").

How have the Spirits been working ? I want to do a Pinto powered Pacer.

i got 5 derbies out of the last spirit. i gave $75 for it, it was rust free and brought home a total of $2400 with it. I hated to get rid of it but the front end was too high and couldnt get it to come back down with a forklift.
My brother runs the pinto powered pacers.

This wouldnt happened to be my old wagon your talking about would it? I cant remeber the last name of the guy that bought it, but yours sounds fimular. Im derbydog off of wecrash.


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