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I won with a Pinto Wagon...did anyone else ? Let's hear about it.

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I have had really good luck with the wagons I ran 15 demos with the pinto wagons and won 13 of them not with the same car ofcorse but I dont think I would run anything else...

8up racing:
I strictly run pinto wagons or mustang IIs. I have two 78 wagons built and am working on a 77 mustang II. I ran one of my 78s in 10 derbies last year and am lining it up to start the season with it this year.  Pinto wagons require little work to be the best you can get. Ditch the 6.75 rear end and go with an 8". You wont ever have to worry about it.

i have a 1979 wagon im building and it will be my first pinto and wangon. so we will see how she holds up. got all winter to build it and the first place im taking it to only does 1 heat/final for compacts and there usually around 15 cars so i should do alright.

FYI, they go to the Spirits maybe for more impact control. Having been under both I can firmly say the unibody on the AMC is quite a bit more robust. Pinto stuff uses thinner metal in their unibody, the thinner smaller pieces are less strong. Look at the crossmembers.. ....... The AMC unibody underneath is virtually the same except in vehicle width as used on bigger boat anchors they made, not so on Pinto/Mustang.


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