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I live in So Cal and i want to start racing mim stock, Anyone got one for sale?

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I have a local track in my backyard, and the supermotard is taking its tole on my body. I can't stand getting hurt. I have this in my blood and i need to do it. So if anyone knows of a car for sale i am intrested. Thanks

are you wanting to circle track or derby, becouse  they are diffrent , anyways im in ill and i dont have anything for sell. also getting hurt kinda comes with this territory i have never gotten a good run and no stiff back or neck

No, iam looking for a circle track car i want a pinto or mustang. And i  am not hurt from the cars i am hurt from riding this damn bike. I ride a little hard and i payed the price. I just like cars so much more. So if there is anyone out there that has a circle track car for sale. I would be intreted.

No worrys  guys i went to the races tonight and the pintos are not looking to good for next year. There is a lot of front wheel guys kicking butt. I have decide and have put a deposit on a dwarf car tonight at the track. Sence it is the last race of the year i got one hell of a deal.  WHOOO these things make the hair stand up on my neck. Thank You guys

a lot of power can be made out of the 2.0 and 2.3 and parts are around for them a whole lot more such as headers, cams...... any ways becouse the pintos arent doing to well how about you change that its all in gearing, driveing and m/t i wasnt trying to shoot the dream down id rather see anything old win a race its just so much nicer no matter what it is in a race, around here what was winning the compact class at the race track (i only went 2 or 3 times ) was dodge neons but they were up against ford probes(usually right behind), escorts, cavileirs, stuff that wasnt know for doing anything BUT slow driveing

the guy to ask about what to do to a dirt track race car i would think be "dirt track demon" on here i think that was his name


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