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I live in So Cal and i want to start racing mim stock, Anyone got one for sale?

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--- Quote from: Pintony on November 14, 2006, 08:09:09 AM ---Hey Tude,
 What track do you run???
Do you run Belleville or Tri-City???
I grew up, 3 miles from Tri-city...
 From Pintony

--- End quote ---

i dont race i just demo

and my local track is jacksonville


A legend car is different than a dieing breed Dwarf cars too!

Try Irwindale speedway or the new track going in at Bakersfield.

Are you still interested in racing a pinto in mini stock? Are you planning on building a fresh car or buying one that has seen many owners and modifications.
I have two, new to me, pintos, a 71 trunk car and a 72 hatch back. both are in good shape bodies only have minor ding or dents.


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