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I live in So Cal and i want to start racing mim stock, Anyone got one for sale?

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I was the first one to run a Saturn at my local track. The car was perfect for the 3/8" mile low bank paved track, and YES, it was 100% to the rule book (the ONLY one in my division). It was the first front drive car I ever ran on a circle track, and I did not think I would like it as much as I did. It is great, someone gets into you in the turn and you just gas and go. The set-up was a little bit of a challenge at first, but I got it figured out quickly. They always made me start in the back (normally 30th or more), and in 20 laps I would always finish in the top 5 with a few wins (if they let me finish) . Soon, a bunch of other Saturns took to the track. Before the Saturn and another car, I ran a Pinto there few years in the same division, but did not do that well (playing by the rules).  The sad part was that there are always a few babies you run with that hate to see someone else doing well, and will wreck you for it. I barely had the time to get to the track, but having to fix the car between races was a hassle. I don't regret doing it though, I had a blast and I might return to it one day.

Good luck, have fun, and don't skimp on the safety equipment.


Hey Jake what year is the motor? Does it run? And yes i agree these fwd cars just kick butt. And the pinto guys dont even get a chance to hit them to take them out. Cause they cant spin them out. I just dont see the fun in pulling frames and playing with guys who are dicks. But these damn dwarf cars are just so damn cool. I sat in one in the pits on Sat and the hair stood up on my neck. The feeling is so cool, its like being in a beefed up go-kart that is fast as hell and are safe. I won't skimp on safety equipment, they really don't let you get away with crappy stuff. The rules in the CaliforniaDwar kCarAssocation . CDCA. are pretty strict. But yes if they would change the damn rules i would run one maybe. But it would take a lot to change my mind i think. Dude if i can go out and run the 2007 season and place in atleast the main it pays for my entry fee, and if i place in atleast the top 5  it pays for my rip offs, gas and entry fee then iam in. And my boss said he will sponsor my car so that pays for even more goodies. Iam stoked!!!!!

Motor is a 74.  It ran fine.  When I bought the car it had sat for a long time and the owner was running straight water in the cooling system.  I flush the system a number of times and got the motor running really well.  But there must have been crud in the engine that would not come out.  Anything under 45 no problems but anything over it would just keep running warmer and warmer.  I just got tired of playing around with it and pulled it for a turbo motor.  It does not have a pan, oil pump, carb.  I have all the accesories including the factory AC setup.


Hey Tude,
 What track do you run???
Do you run Belleville or Tri-City???
I grew up, 3 miles from Tri-city...
 From Pintony

Hey Jake, thanks for the offer but it just sounds like something that will just sit around my garage. I was looking for a little newer and no problems. But again thank you for the  offer.


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