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how to drive a demo car

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build the car

get into the car

turn the car on

drive to the track

wait till they drop the flag

wait till both the peole move away from you and go for the last ones radiatior

the use the rear end as much as possible untill you either cant see out of the back of it hits the ground and use the front end or give up becouse you dont want to even come close to winning
when in the car and going backward dont look back at the hit you will feel it in the morning TRUST ME
stick as close to the guy who is the strongest on the track as you can you dont want them to line up with you and get a good shot

A well placed "sandbag" can help too.


dirt track demon:
TUDE,, thanx....   :text_yb_rofl:

See,, I knew this would be a fun topic......... ....  :text_yb_warnin g: :police:

But how do you know which one is the strongest on the track to stay close by too?
Is it because he is probably in a souped up Pinto?
Unless your at a Kansas derby then you dont have time to look around, just watch out for the cars that feel like huge chuncks of concrete and steel. LOL.


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