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how to drive a demo car

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--- Quote from: 77turbopinto on February 14, 2006, 07:24:35 AM ---A well placed "sandbag" can help too.


--- End quote ---
sand bagging doesnt mean you have sand bags in the trunk it means some one who makes a little tap and goes and hides until his time is about up and makes another tap

look for a car that has a roof bar, massively welded doors, tires look like they poped about 10 years ago but they are doubled . just look for all the little things thats how to tell the strong cars.

I know, that's why I put the " " there.

I have seen too many drivers that fake tranny trouble a few times as well, then they win; Does not seem right to me.

I have never been in a "demo", but years ago I did LOTS of enduros, and last year I did a trailer race. The trailer race was a blast, we had 38 on a 3/8 mile track. I came in second, with the crowd "boo-ing" the winner. He had to pull off the track several times to re-fill his radiator, and was off the track for a while each time. He also had an very illegal trailer set-up that he modified to the tech guys satisfaction, then he re-did it back to his way just before the event. After it was just him and me for a while, they lined us up for a re-start. I started reving the engine, then he did. When the green flag fell, I backed up, threw it in first and SLAMMED him. I wedged between his trailer and bumper and pushed him into debris half way around the track. The crowd went nuts, but shortly after that my (LEGAL) trailer fell off its chains.

I have an old mini stock pinto that I might go back with.


actuallyon pintosthe frontsare stonger than the rears  mat  89r

That's why ford did not put the gas tank up front.


How do you figure the fronts are stronger than the rear on Pintos.


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