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I love pinto guys who try and use there rearend all the time, makes them easier targets!

I just won a fourth derby with my Pinto wagon.I never used the back end.I only hit with the front end,and never lost my radiator.Most of the hits were made in second gear.It was the fifth run on the car and is good enough for another one.I did take one second place finish with it.Yes ,I can be beat!
  All the hits were side shots,I was trying to make sure I didn't have a bumper come under mine and get my radiator.

I think your gonna have to send me some more tips im building a 74 sedan pinto for our local show. And a mustang II for the second night.

i've learned alot about drving the past year.. stay away from barriers such as logs or tractor tires....... u get hung up... ::)   also when u know ur about to get hit turn away from the hit.. most of the time u just bounce off.

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!



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