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ok for the guys like me who dont have the money to buy headers heres what to do.

-buy a manifold gasket (or peal old one off and use it if still good)
-trace it on to a peice of flat steel
- take the peice of flat steel to a fabrication shop and have them use a plasma cutter to cut it out (cleaner cuts)
- then have 2 sets of manderal bends made and cut in half (or use square or round tubbing if you have a chop saw and the time)
- then weld the 2 together and walla a set of headers is made

-as a extra put some chrome tips on it

Tude gets a " one up" for mentioning Chrome, which is "Shiny" and approved by the Shiny Police. :police:  ;D

does any one know how to read the exhoust while cranking the motor over

black smoke= getting good spark and gas
white smoke = gas but no smoke
flames= way to much gas, hold petal to the floor its flooded

and back presure ruining the valves dont worry about it the motor is basicly not going to last a long long time in one of these cars the way i look at it every time i run that equals up to an extra 2000 miles to the wear of the motor lol

Black smoke could mean to rich also.
White smoke could mean bad head gasket also.

well yes your right its just kinda a simple way to read what your engine is doing


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