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If you are looking to buy exhaust flanges (cheap), header bolts and check out quality headers: www.powerbyace .com


this is a set i have used for about 4 years on a 302 the top is how i first did it and the bottom is what they look like now but im going to pass them on to some one else they are just normal mustang headers flipped over


this is a set i built for a 318 in a mid 80s diplamat they had to be re fabed becouse i didnt notice the brake booster was in the way and very limited time


this is a set i built for an olds 307 and i will say they were the hardest they are in an 84 olds delta 88

my new ones i will have a pic hopefully soon they are on the pretty 302 it has lots of chrome 8ft if i recall


this is the set of chrome headers i built for my 302 they sound awsome the chrome is old pickup bed rail that bolts from front to back


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