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woow wooow woooow  i will start a new topic this had nothing to add to the topic of headers though........ .............. .....


--- Quote from: dirt track demon on February 11, 2006, 12:36:22 PM ---Here is a little tip for you derby guys.  Less throttle= more wins.   My one derby friend has been using the SAME 350 sb for the last 17? years. this motor has 100+ wins on it.  it barely holds oil pressure, smokes to beat hell.  But it runs cool, never over heats.  ( that's one secret you wont be able to pry from anyones dead fingers).  Measure your hits,  if you are truly into the SPORT of derbying, then you should know that you should try to get as many derbies out of one car that you can. I think my friend managed 5 wins 2 2nd places and 1 3rd with the same car.  The heat race isnt the time to show how tuff you are, that is when you show everyone how much you can use your head.  It doesn't do you any good to win the heat just to die in the lineup for the feature.
(which if you are bending your hump and cutting your driveshaft) is exactly what you are doing.

  Work the corners of your derby car into the trunk. not up or down. You fold the butt into one solid wall.  straight on hits are your enemy until you get the corners folded in.  some cars you want the butt to fold up, some you want it to fold down.  But not a pinto.  If you are hitting people with the gas pedal all the way to the floor, you are not using your head.

  Plus you have to watch out for the guys who are there because they hate the car they are entering.  you know the ones " after all the trouble this POS SOB has given me, I'm gonna_______".

  P.s.  you guys are probably young now. But in a few years you will remember all the derbies you were in when you wake up every morning.  REINFORCE THE DRIVERS SEAT. so that it cannot bend backwards, or twist in the middle.  brace your back solidly against the seat, before impacts(if you see them coming).  I have seen 70 and 80 yr old guys who get around better than my friend who is only in his mid to late 30's.  because of not properly bracing the back of the seat.   Good luck.

--- End quote ---

LOL that is the funniest thing i have ever read!!!!!

so drive like a little girl and nurse your car to get as many runs as you can out of it? just go fast and hit something. i get more angry if i got to keep the car for the next demo, but i guess maybe thats just me :rolleye:


Heres mine the flange could be a little thicker on the next set but they work great.

Nevada Pinto:
 I have been making exhaust for my cars..I have found that I like all 4 pipes together side bye side...And then put a 4'' crome tip over that...Looks and sounds good....


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