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Nevada Pinto:
 I found that the bumpers off the 1974 to 1976 are the best bumpers to ues because they are steel...What other small bumpers that are steel work on the pintos..... The holes don't half to line up... I weld them to my shock plate...I heard one's off mavricks, and Ltd's will work....Any more info will help..

the strongest bumper ford came factory is the steel 79-91 fords but they would be way to stiff for one of these (and to wide but thats why they invented a cutting torch)

if the bumper is too strong and dont bend a little bit like it should the frame will bend instead of the bumper and then it will belly or not

Where allowed i run 74 impala bumpers.

dirt track demon:
the back bumper on the race car is off a 77 grand marquis station wagon.  And tude is right, the bumper never bent, but the frame sure as hell took a beating.

the 74 imp bumper is stronger than the fords by a long shot

also steel bends and alum. just cracks and breaks


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