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Front bumpers

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Heres a good picture of my impala bumper on an 80 bobcat. Bolts bent on it thats why its up on one side. I used the front the whole derby since the rear was junked at the last one.

Like what was said earlier, 74-76 pinto bumpers and 74 and up maverick or comet bumpers.

ive also seen a guy take the outer part (chrome side) of a 79-91 ford bumper put it over the top of the factory aluminum by taking all the bolts out and running bigger bolts and washers going through the 2 and then the shock horn, it was on a fairmont i think, he won in the compact class so it worked good enough

i'm liking the way my crown vic bumper sits on the car.. it takes up alot of space and with a little cutting fits pretty good.


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