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Tonight, we had a " guest" post a derby topic under " Your Race cars". It was a clear In your face Post to stir up more trouble.It was DELETED. Please post All your derby posts in this room. We have tried to be fair to "all" pinto owners and all we ask is you post here. If it continues this site will become more moterated and controlled.

BTW, Thanks to our members who have been reporting this to the moderators.

I hate it when idiots do this to forums. I run a demo forum for the west coast,, and I just had to make a bunch of changes because of some people like that. It just ruins the fun. I hope this place keeps clean because Id enjoy it!!!


Dan, Thanks for posting. It's good folks like you that really make a difference to a site like this. We can all help out by encouraging usefull posts and discuraging distastefull posts.
Thanks again.


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