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Nevada Pinto:
 Let's see some pinto motors. In your cars.....

Nevada Pinto:
 Ford 2.3 motor...I had it rebuilt...lots of money....

My back up motor...It has new paint job and some other new parts....



i dont have a picture of anything right now 

but if you that stock 2bbl off you can put a 2bbl off a v8 on that intake, the autolights are better for the spinning around becouse they are made for racing due to how the float is set in it i run one on everything and have about 20 or so sitting on the shelf and can rebuild one with my eyes closed at this point.

78jr racer:
live and let live. if you want to bash a pinto. your buiseness. if you think bashing a pinto starts an up roar, you ought to have seen the fuss over the straight 57 chevy 2-door my dad took to the derby a few years back.

dirt track demon:
I know the feeling,  Everybodys jaw dropped when we rolled in with a 69 riviera with only 12000 original miles. we didnt derby it though, it became a dirt tracker.  People would come up to us,"Are you guys nuts or just stupid, Do you know what this thing is worth?"  I would smile real big and say" Yeah i just saw one on ebay the same color going for $30,000."  The car was just a parts car at that point anyway, it was a CA car w/no title.  Instead of an all yenko derby, or an all 1970 musty derby, we could pit the hemi against the yenko and the boss, and see which one is tougher??? anyone?????....  ANYWAY,WHERE ARE THE MOTOR PICTURES :lost:
Nice job on the new motor Nevada.


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