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anyone working on their 2007 cars yet?

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i ws about to start working on mine today but got side tracked so hopefully in a day or 2 i will drag it up to the shed and get going on it so pics will be coming soon

yea got 1 pinto wagon done already then i got a pacer and another pinto wagon to do still gotta rebuild 3 motors to tho

sweet!!! any pics?

Nevada Pinto:
I have two half wrecked cars that I'm going to finish off this summer ... I had a nice AMC Pacer that I traded for a Clean bobcat wagon..Bought a clean 1975 mustang II....I'm also working on redoing a motor also....I had motor troubles last year..

ya i know about motor problems thats what im waiting on i cant find a motor for mine, i had 3 last winter but i bought a ranger one went in after another well the whole life of that truck lasted ohh 40 miles i was a little mad so now ive been looking even harder


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