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altamont racers?


any altamont raceway racers? as i too do not like to see our cars smashed, i say to each his own. i just have one request. im looking for any emblems (if you take them off) and any early car 71-73 parts.. please email me if you guys have anything up for grabs..  also if you guys can please list your parts on our classifieds. thanks guys..  

i dont run there dont even know where its at

but i cant help ya on those years i have a 77 wagon and a 79 hatch and found i think a late 70s hatch back to day im goin to have to check on its gold and looks like its been sitting for about 6 or more monthes

but when ever i go to gut them out ill put the parts on here

that track is here in north california.

thanks buddy..
i think we can "use" you guys as an alternate parts resource. thanks


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