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He you go boys! Now please stop cluttering up the rest of the board with posts. ;) To our Pinto loving (preserving) crowd....if you have nothing good to say or add to this area, please don't post here....its that simple. This section will be here for a month on a TRIAL basis, then we'll re-evaluate it, if there is no trouble, and everyone gets along, than as long as the other Moderators and Adminastrators agree, it will stay. Be on your best behaviour....y our little section of rides on it. Jeff

Thank you so much even though this is a form of racing to us. and i will say yall should be very proud these cars may be looked at by most people as dork cars so to speak but they are some of the best for the demoing, im saying it in a good way, they are very tough.

thanks again TUDE

Thank you 78pinto we appreciate this fact that you gave us a demo section

thanks again wheelin

I removed all the other posts.....its a fresh start...don't blow it!

Good idea 78. I hope all goes well with this, I think it will.  I also hope nobody will hold ill feelings from the previous posts.  I just hope that the Pintos kick everyone elses butt in the derbys.  Good Luck Derbyers!!!


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