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Thanks 78pinto we appreciate the thread.    ;D
I wanna vote to bring back demodan too, since he was the one that got called all those names in the first place. Pleaseeeee.

we are considering allowing the banned bunch back in, but they won't last long if things go bad again. If they can come back and make positive contributions on this site without bringing attitude, it is a possibility.

Hey Jeff, sounds good to me. I really dont mind any of those guys. ( as long as they have at least one shiny part on their cars ) ;D Shiny Police :police:

dirt track demon:
I too agree with the pintos are the toughest 4 cyl theory,  I had always wanted to run one in a demo derby, just to beat everybody with a pinto, but after owning a few,  I just cant bring my self to smash a solid rust free one.  But unfortunately the rusty squishy ones just dont make good derby cars. ( unless you know the secret).   :-X

dirt track demon:
By the way,  The only truly disturbing thing I have read was the "dorkcar" comment.  Out of all the people I have hung out with who love pintos', none of them could even remotely be considered a dork.   (unless you consider the owner of one previously mentioned dirt track).


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