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75 Pinto wagon****Warning, dont get mad****

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This is my 75 wagon that I just bought Saturday for $150. 2.3, 4 spd. This car is my newest demolition derby car. Sorry.....Don't be mad. But, this car has some rust in all of the bad places.

Wanna sell those wheel well mouldings?

no way man!! that sucks, i'll be goign to the kitsap county demo derby too.  if you use that, you better win.

It is gonna get ran in Pt. Angeles on Aug 22nd. If there is anything left of it, I'll run it Sept 4th, at Kitsap.

VWBobcat.....S ure... What are they worth to ya?  Is there anything else that you would want off the car?

email me off list

Bill in WV


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