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75 Pinto wagon****Warning, dont get mad****

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Poison Pinto:
I'd be interested in a few parts if they're available:

the dash pad, if it's not cracked;
the plastic under-dash console;
the steering wheel (if it's not cracked and you'll be using another or after you're done with the derby(s));
seat belts that you won't be using;
rear door lock;
rear window chrome "spoiler"

These would all work perfectly for my True Blue '72. Let me know at

i e-mailed you too at the e-mail in your profile.  dunno if you got it

Ok. I just checked email, and I did NOT get any email from anybody. Try my other address Thanks for all of the intrest.



   If the tranny is still in good shape after you put it to a horrible death(sob sob, get me a tissue)  sent me a note and we'll talk, I'm real close to where you live. Thanks.

I have not demo'd it yet. I have used these 4spd's for 4 years now, and I have never lost one yet, so I am sure it will be good after I am done. In fact, I might have one here at the house. I will have to go look if you are intrested. Let me know.




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