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1971-74 Various Pinto Parts

Description: Hi All,

I'm listing some of my NOS Ford Pinto parts on the website as I'm no longer racing Pintos. All of these parts are brand new and never used. Please see the list below.  Shipping costs will vary depending on the item but will do my best to make it affordable. Thanks, Don

1) NOS Motorcraft SW-1239 Neutral Safety Switch C-4 Pinto. (Fairly hard to find) $50.00

2) NOS Motorcraft SW-979-A Ignition Switch. $25.00 each

1) NOS Ford D3FZ-3B676- A Shaft Assembly/Rag Joint. $40.00

1) NOS Ford D12B-7E391-AA Chrome Shift 4 Speed Bezel (Mint) Listed on ebay. $100.00

Phone Number 832-596-4380
Name Don Corneau
Email Address
City, State Spring, Texas
Delivery Shipping
Estimated Shipping (US ONLY) Various
Asking Price Various
Listing Date: 01/18/2020 03:44 pm
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72' Pinto hatchback project

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January 28, 2020, 10:22:26 PM
Nice spin but not true.  You told me you had parts from a 72' hatchback, then you told me no, it was a sedan, but the interior pieces were the same as a hatchback.  I should have known better, but since you seemed to know your Pinto's I took your words at face value.  Out of the interior I bought, only the door panels were of any use.  You also said you forgot to bring the cargo area pad but would ship it.  I have our complete email chain on what actually transpired.  Below is the last email I sent you which you ignored.  I am not a Pinto expert, but I damn well know if I have a Runabout or a sedan.

"Don do you have any Pinto parts that fit a 72 hatch?  Out of the items I bought I can only use the front door panels, and I will have to re-spray those to the correct black.  The back cargo area panels, back seat, and plastics for the front buckets are all specific to the sedan model and do not work in a hatchback.  I did not receive the cargo area NOS mat you had said you would send, but if it is also for a sedan it would not be correct either.  Any help to defray my losses here would be appreciated."

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January 28, 2020, 01:32:10 PM
What's your deal? Never burned anyone. Always positive comments. Oh!Now I think I know who you are. You told me you had a sedan and it was a hatchback. Don't forget to tell the whole story of how I brought your parts all the way from Texas to Virginia with no charge and then you tell me that the parts don't fit after I've returned back home. And then you wanted your money back and keep the parts I brought you. Need to know your car before you buy parts. I think I went way beyond in bringing your parts rather than you paying shipping costs and now your going to bad mouth me.
I had one of the members parts for two years as it was returned undeliverable. I never sold it and hung onto it for two years until we finally got reconnected and I sent it out again and he received it.
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72' Pinto hatchback project

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January 27, 2020, 10:17:32 PM
Buyer beware

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