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72 Turbo Pinto "Hot Rod" rebuild

Description: Here is my build link'hot-rod'-overhaul/
It is all in parts, need assembled, all or part. 440 949 9528 More photo at

1972 Pinto “Turbo” EFI runabout Kit Car…no rust! Never been is salted roads, purchased in CO in 1975, owned it ever since, always stored in a garage!
Finish building my dream! A kick butt 2.3l turbo coupe EFI engine with a Tremic T5 WC transmission thru a Quicktime bellhousting, with an 8.8 posi differential with 3.73 gear ratio, running 275/50-15 street slicks on Weld wheel, big disc brakes (11” rotors) up front, Explorer discs on rear, Mild steel roll bar 6 point kit,  Recaro Mustang pace car seats. The car has the BOSS Pinto wheel spats (like the old Trans Am Firebird, louver back window, with Cougar tail lights. Car is Imron metallic black, custom hood scoop (I built from scratch) All of the body work was completed on the original build back in 1976 This is my dream. And it is in kit form! Got almost all the parts…you need to finish the kit.
Engine…Got two: 2.3l turbo coupe donor engine, this is an EFI engine. it was built, bored +0.020, crower rods, roller followers, capped main caps, and 60 pound injectors. Aluminum flywheel, new Ron Francis wiring harness set up for MAF ECU has a tune chip. New big front Mount intercollerMan y more details…#2 is the 2.3l carb’ed engine…installed in the first build back in 1976…approx 55,000 miles.
Brand new Quicktime bell housing, stock turbo coupe one and aaa…stock 2.3 manual bell
Transmission…got three, the standard T5 from the turbo coupe, or a T5WC from a 5.0 mustang, both have aftermarket shifters, the third is a 2.0 4 speed with Bellhousing.
Differential…the stock pinto is in the car now, but have a Explorer 31 spline that has been narrowed to 57” inches the same as pinto width. It has disc brakes, 3.73 gears, and it’s posi traction.
Wheel 4.5 wide x 15 fronts, 8 x 15 rear, Weld aluminium…no tires
Body…runabout means it’s got a hatch, once I got the car to Ohio used a penetrating rust seal to the body, as anyone who lived thru the one year rust thru of cars back then knows…you could hear them rust! It’s 72 A/C car from factory…tinted glass, A/C and heater box removed…still have it. Body is straight, painted in Imron 48 years ago, has a BOSS Pinto body kit, custom hood scoop molded into steel hood. 67 Cougar tail lights, lovered back window, sun roof, Mustang pace car seats, 10 inch steering wheel, back seat is removed, got a 6 point roll bar kit, new stock fuel tank. Radiator flushed and tested, Got extra grills, fiberglass bumper…
Brakes…11 inch Granada rotor for front with brackets to mount GM Metric rotors. Rear are the Explorer diccs, new master cylinder with proportioning valve.

Model Year 1972
Model Runabout
Engine 2300cc
Transmission Manual
Asking Price 5500.00
Current Owner william donges
City, State wellington, OH
Phone Number 4409499528
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Listing Date: 08/09/2018 11:09 am
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