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Pintony, when I bought my 78 Pinto off of a guy from Strausburg, OH, I think he said he tried to buy mirrors for the car from you and you sent them and they weren't the right ones and he sent tham back and you gave him his mirrors back but not his money, or something similar to that story, do you possibly remember this and could clarify? It's a 78 Blue Pinto Runabout.

Hey Bluegoldpinto,
 YES that was me.
 Just to clarify the transaction took place in Columbus at the Spring or Fall???? swap.
I sold the fellow the mirrors at one swap possibally the spring swap.
He asked me if I would buy them back at the next Columbus swap.
 I agreed. I think he dropped the mirrors when I was not at my space.
I dealt with an older man and he was supposed to come back and retrieve his monies.
 I' m not sure I ever knew the fellows name. He was buying for his son.
I have not been to the columbus swap since Wayne Curry died in Oct of 2002.
To clarify that... I have not "Set-up" to sell at the Columbus swap.
I'm not sure what happened to the fellow that bought the mirrors.
I may have been away visiting other venders. I'm not sure.
 What I am sure of is the amount of money that I owe 75.00
If you know how to get in touch with this fellow????
 Please give him my number or pass on this info.

Hey, thanks for the info, I really wasn't sure how the whole thing happened. If I can find the guy's telephone number from when I got the car I'll pass it on, I'm sure he'll appreciate your sincere honesty. Speaking of the Columbus swap meet, I went up there last month, and I can tell you that you aren't missing much. There was only ONE Pinto up there in a Ford motor cars display, and almost NO Pinto parts, except some Pinto Mustang II mirrors which were priced at 25 dollers each. (kind of ironic isn't it?) But anyway let me see if I can find the number, and if not I guess your not out of 75 smackers ;)
Again, thanks ;D

Hey BGP,
 I'd sure be happy if I could settel up with the fellow about the mirrors.
It really bothers me.
 Yes Please contact me if you find the info.
 Depending on the price of fuel I might go to the fall meet in Columbus.
Used to be alot better when I could split the gas and hotell bill with some other swapers.
Wayne Curry is sorrly missed.
 From pintony

Sure Thing Pintony, I understand. Let me see what I can find and I will get back to you! ;)


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