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Thank you Jennifer !


Fred Morgan:
Thank you Jennifer part arrived today well packed and as described. Thanks again !    Fred   :)

Ours came today too! I could almost smell the tire smoke as I turned through the pages!


Happy new year!! Good morning Jennifer, did you put together a calendar this year? Everybody loved the one you did for 2013! Brent (reddog)

I'm sorry Reddog, I don't have anything to do with the calendar.  Kim does that!  I am not on here that much anymore.

But Happy New Year to you too!

Hey Jennifer, I'm sorry...I think I'm losing my mind! In fact I think it's already lost! Kim is the calendar person! I found them on the home page. She did a great job again! It's been a few months since I've communicated with any of you guys, Tammy and I are in the process of selling our house an downsizing (building) a very small house with a 1200sq ft shop!!! And good Lord willing I'll finally get a lift! No more crawling around under the pinto! As soon as we get settled in I'll be back in touch with all of you. It's going to be a great year! It started off perfect, I woke up! Take care and thanks for the quick response! Brent


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