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Thank you 71pintoracer

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I need a pair of front seats and a grill for my newly purchased 71 Pinto. 71pintoracer had the parts I needed, very reasonable price, he shipped them, great packaging. Very pleased with my purchases. If you have the chance to deal with 71pintoracer you will have no worries.

You're 100% right; Jimmy is a true stand-up sort of guy.  I would never be afraid to purchase anything from him!

Dwayne :)

Thank You! I appreciate the kind words. We are a community of Ford Pinto lovers and we are passionate about our Pintos. Dave thanks for being so understanding about shipping costs, it's been a learning curve! l've been able to sell a few things to members here from the Pintoracer so in a small way she lives on. It really makes me happy! Thanks to everyone. Still mourning the loss....  :'(   but moving forward with the Cruising Wagon  :)

I "helped" him learn what shipping to Canada is like ! LOL

I too got parts & am very happy with the whole deal ! Good guy !

LOL right!! Glad everything arrived safely!


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