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spider and axle cogs/gears .

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anyone know where to get new  spiders gears and axle gears for a 6.75 pinto rear .. i got my  red white and blue pinto back recently and the rear end is  broke .. the rear is an 80 model .

New? Probably have to get lucky and find some NOS ones.

Have you thought about swapping the Pinto/Mustang II 8 inch rear in? Everything is available new for those,


I have no source either. But, I agree that a used 8" might be cheaper (and stronger) in the long run.

would love an 8 inch but can not find one ..  a friend has three but wont part with one .. even after all the stuff given him over the last 30 years ..  i guess i will just weld the axle cogs to the carrier and have a locked posi till i can do better .

Where are you located at?
I might have one I can get rid of, but shipping would be horrible.
I'm in Glendale AZ.


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