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spider and axle cogs/gears .

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there is one in Minnesota  for a good price but shipping would make it not worth it ..  im in huntsville bama ... same as scott ...ill keep you in mind ... thanks ....

Have you tried Row 52? It lets you know where cars are in yards around the USA.

i welded up one of the spider gears in my stock rear as i did not want a full locked posi ..  the results shocked me ..  it will spin the welded wheel at will ..  it`s like i'm driving on ice ..  the little chevy V6  dont have 700 horses but it acts  like it does ..   i have  bought a ranger rear and will put in in soon ..  it is only 1 inch wider  than stock ..  i know i can drill my front rotors for 5 lug to match but i dont know if i can drill the new rear  to 4 lugs to keep my existing wheels ..  and it has that bolt on rear coupling that i will have to deal with ,, we will soon  find out .. i have welder and torch .. it will go in ...

I have complete drivetrain from my ad just below yours.

I'd meet half-way if I could dump the entire package.


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