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Scammer "selling" pinto parts

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--- Quote from: hotrodln on March 20, 2015, 01:02:11 PM ---SO i had posted that i was looking for a set of 73 bumpers...guy sends me an offer to buy a new rear bumper still in the paper for $310....the pictures looked really familiar....i had seen them on e bay the day before.....the y were in Indianna.....s o this guy sends me the same pictures  and he lists an address in alabama...who knows what his real address is or what his real name is.....but it was a SCAM...he apparently was on the vintage mustang forums trying to do the same thing over is the contact info i was given... so watch who you send your money to!

Kevin Champion
145 US Highway 278
Piedmont, Alabama 36272

--- End quote ---

Same guy who contacted me.

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