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Just thouht I'd let you all know that I had bought some parts from quickrick on a few occasions.. Everytime I deal with him it turns out good. If anyone wants to deal with a seller, he's the one to deal with.. Heck, I'm even gonna be dealing with him again soon, as the last time I needed parts he was in my area, so we met up... A+ on selling & service rick... :)

quickrick:  I bought a instrament bezel from him, it was well packeged, got here in a timely manner and was as he described it! Thanks Rick, you get "two thumbs up" from me!

I just dealt with Rick again & once again I got everything I needed from him &  all the parts were as he told me. He's got me as a permenant customer. Great combination here- close to me, good parts at great prices. Awesome job!!! The radio trim will look good, the door sill plates look great, the vent door handle works great, & the hood looks great. Thanx again!!!

Hey 78.... how do you get a 63+ rating ??? Looks alot better than my +2  !!!

He has 1324 post to this group[ as apposed to your 99 posts. ;D
He must be doing something corectly???
From Pintony


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