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problem with seller... please read

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In december I was trying to buy 2 mirrors & a radio trim panel for my car & found them, thanx to the classifieds on this site. I got contacted & told how much for them, & at the time had a problem come up that prevented me from paying immediately, but payed within a month... I still have not received the parts, & had to threaten legal action to even get a reply to the emails I sent him...

If anyone tries to buy parts from avoid him at all costs!! It's pretty bad when you have to threaten to press charges before anything gets done.

Well after a total of 4 months of trying to get the parts, he finally sent them to me after I repeatedly threatened to press charges against him he finally sent the parts. They're the ones  waned in good shape, but I stil will never deal with him...

Again his email address is:

i purchased a grill from rick and we talked on the phone prior to sending the money.  he explained he is in  a wheel chair.  it might take a while.  I sent him the money and it took about a month to get the parts. i had no problem.  i am just sad about how people can judge other people and not know the situation.  i do have 2 legs and arms that work but god forbid something ever happened i do wish someone would understand this situation.  just my two cents worth! >:( >:( >:(

to the inconsiderate person!  get your facts right! 

joe  b

before you go accusing a person of being inconsiderate, keep in mind what you're saying. I knew back in december he was in a wheel chair, and was being very patient. And it took him 4 months to get the parts to me, NOT 1 MONTH, let alone responding to my emails. So if you don't know the whle story, then it's best not to comment.

Joe, is it possible that not everyone knows this person has a disability? I'm not defending anyone just asking questions. One would not have any facts to get right if one did not know the circumstances.
Just my 2c....... :)


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