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problem with seller... please read

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turbopinto you are right... some people might not know about the sellers condition, but I had known. That wasn't the problem.. The problem I had was the lack of response to the seller after he had my money and would not respond to emails even 3 months after I paid for the parts. I understand peoples problems, but I don't understand taking 4 months and no communication until I threaten legal action.

Enough is said here.. I request this topic be locked from any further replies.

my opinion:  if someone takes 4 months to send me my parts....i'll forgive if they are in a coma during that time.....other wise i'd be pissed too! Keep in mind he did not return emails also. pintojoe II: this area is to relate to others thier experiances be them good or bad, feel free to start a thread of your own stating your posative experiance with this fellow, but i feel it wrong to hijack his thread after waiting 4 months for parts and calling him inconsiderate.   Jeff


--- Quote from: pintojoeII on March 31, 2005, 07:31:14 PM ---i purchased a grill from rick and we talked on the phone prior to sending the money.  he explained he is in  a wheel chair.  it might take a while.  I sent him the money and it took about a month to get the parts. i had no problem.  i am just sad about how people can judge other people and not know the situation.  i do have 2 legs and arms that work but god forbid something ever happened i do wish someone would understand this situation.  just my two cents worth! >:( >:( >:(

to the inconsiderate person!  get your facts right! 

joe  b

--- End quote ---

Wheel chair or not, it does not take a month to ship a part nor does it take 4 months to ship a part. I sell many items on ebay and they are packed, weighed and ready to ship BEFORE I list them. 

I agree with cheapracer.  Matter of fact I have even delivered parts to Columbus, right Matt!

I  wo not expect any better from pinto owners anyway!!!!!!!! 


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