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Pintony saves the day!!!!!!


dirt track demon:
I recently put out an  S.O.R.C.  ( save our race car). I needed an axle and only had 4 days to find one.  Pintony came to my rescue, not only did he have what I needed but thanks to fate he was even able to deliver the parts in person.  Tony was pretty cool,  I still like your purple pinto the best, but your van was really cool too. 

  So how did the puppies like the van-in?  I seriously thought about dropping the trailer at the truck stop on my way back thru, and bringing the rig up to the van in, since it already has a bed in it. But I was worried about low clearances and getting stuck.

  Thanks again Tony,  hopefully I can return the favor someday.

Hey DTD,
 Thank you for the kind words.
It was no problem as you made it an easy transaction.
Best of luck in your next race.
 From Pintony

Looks like Tony may have a new nick-name  ( AxleMan ).......... ;D


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