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dirt track demon:
After making a deal with the member "Tigger"  On parts and shipping.  It took a couple weeks before he finally sent the money.  I finally get his money order and lo and behold,  I only get the money for the parts. I guess he thought I should pay the shipping!!  Sorry to disappoint,,   but this Tigger is just a Pooh.

Please check your mail ???

Spencer, since you are new to selling parts over the internet, let me give you some advice. 

First, get a Paypal account. 

Second, be very specific when you are making a deal with someone.  If you are not specific then people can misinterpret things.  When I say I will send you out a money order for $ on Monday and you respond back saying OK that is fine and mention anything about shipping, most people interpret that in being a done deal and OK with the other party.  I my case, if you needed additional money for shipping then you should have said something at that point.

Third, the feedback forum is used for feedback.  The type of feedback most people are interested if someone sent payment and did not receive the goods.  Or if the item was not as described, hidden damage,etc.  Shipping lag time as well as late payment are also valid reasons however 1-2 weeks is about average in my experience.  When you receive payment and it is not the right amount, that usually means there was some miscommunicati on or someone made a mistake.  Those mistakes are usually cleared up with an Email.  Not sending an Email and leaving negative feedback right off the bat when someone sent you a payment and sending back the payment with a note saying “I don’t have anything for sale” is really not fair to the other party.  After all, people are only human and everyone makes mistakes. 

With that being said, I would still like to complete the deal.  If you are interested, please send me an Email

dirt track demon:
Thank you for posting my real name,  furthur more,  you told me the shipping was 3.85 , I took your word for it.  I told you I wanted $20 for the part.   I know people can make mistakes, but If you can run a computer, simple arithmetic shouldn't be a challenge.  I don't want to get into a battle over this, when you said you were sending a money order for $20 it didn't register that I wasn't getting reimbursed for the shipping, because you had told me several times it was 3.85. 

  If I bought something from someone, and they told me it was $x and I knew the shipping was $z. I would have sent them $x+$z  = happy transaction.
 I'm done with this subject, the parts are sold to someone else.


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