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Iffy about a deal with Karina

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I made a deal with Karina (A.K.A. Marco) for a flywheel he pulled and had resurfaced for me. This was back at the beginning of February. I paid him in advance so he could pay the shop to resurface the flywheel and for the shipping.

He pulled the flywheel and sent it to the shop to have it resurfaced, but when I PM'd him asking what was taking so long, he said he went to shop to pick it up but they lost it. So he pulled another one for me, resurfaced it, and he has said he has it boxed up and ready to ship, but he doesn't have the cash to do so, and he would send it out the following week. That was on April 30th, over two weeks ago. The original deal was over four months ago!

I would be weary of purchasing anything from him and sending payment BEFORE shipment with a tracking number.

Fred Morgan:
Dave I have not heard of bad deals with him is this the guy out of Denver ? anyway if it doesn't work out I have flywheel.  Fred   :)

Yeah, it's the guy out of Denver. I understand times are tough, I'm going through a rough time myself, but this was FOUR months ago when I sent him payment and it was supposed to be shipped.

Could be awhile, I don't have any cash available anymore to buy another one. Wish he would respond to my PMs. If I get another one I'm just going to get a NEW unit from OEMReplacement, maybe buy one or two from you next year when taxes come in to have a couple spares. Since it's a daily driver and Tia will learn how to drive on it, might be rebuilding the clutch on a regular basis! ;)

Starsky and Hutch:
Now thats not good ,hope you get this straightened out 

I just got off the phone with him, got his number from his website. He verified my shipping address and said he is going to take it to the post office right now. He is only a couple of states away from me, it shouldn't take to long to get here.

<crossing fingers>


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