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Fred Morgan... Thanks 1000 times over!

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What else is there to say about Fred? The only thing that best describes him is something that should be on a bumber sticker: My Pinto  is kept alive by Fred Morgan!
Time & time again I have gotten many parts from him & he has followed through greatly every time. Even after one of my orders caused Fred a first time event of a lost package through  USPS he still came through & was able to send out replacements.
As long as I got a Pinto that needs parts I will go to Fred for a request. More than likely if he does not have it at the time I am looking he will probably have it later on down the road since he keeps on getting more Pintos to scrap lol.

Amen. Fred has helped out most of us. No better contact in searching for the hard to find part. Thankx Fred

Every time this topic comes up I have to join in. Always reliable, affordable, never a dissapointment, Fred has been instrumental in my restoration. No better Pinto resource out there.

Fred Morgan:
Thank you Pinto peeps ! Matt your parts were shipped today at 1:30 pm my time.   Fred   :)

Fred is a giant here, that I can see. His name comes up over and over again. I know he has parts.
Please tell us newer people here exactly what his thing is.   How is it he has all these parts?


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