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Fred Morgan... Thanks 1000 times over!

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He gets these dead Pintos that are otherwise not wanted & parts them out. They are very much plentiful on the west coast. If it weren't for Fred & is Pinto collection all the Pintos not on the west coast might not be savable.

Scott Hamilton:
I second that emotion- Fred is tops in my opinion. He has helped me greatly!

You are the man Fred!

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--- Quote from: Fred Morgan on March 22, 2012, 04:13:47 PM ---Thank you Pinto peeps ! Matt your parts were shipped today at 1:30 pm my time.   Fred   :)

--- End quote ---

Thanks Fred, I got them Saturday & they are much nicer than the aftermarket crud that I bought last year. Now to remove them so I can remove the old headlight adjusters & install the ones I bought off ebay last year.

Fred Morgan:
Matt good to hear.  Fred    :)

I have to agree, Fred is the Pinto Connection. He is reasonable on price, friendly and reliable. I wish all the automotive people/businesses out there were even half as good as Fred is to deal with. He knows what parts fit what cars and goes out of his way to help out. Thanks Fred for all you do to help us out!


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