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Another plus for Tigger!!!


I was in the midst of converting my car to power steering, from manual steering & Tigger came through! He found me some of the parts & held on to them while I got the funds. Once he got the money order the parts arrived fast.
Tigger, thanks again! You are an asset to the Pinto community, whether it be parts or advice!

R4 I concur, Tigger sent me a Vital part to the carb rebuild I needed, as well as RSM sending me some other parts which proved needed too.

I might as well throw my .02 in here and say what most of you allready know, TIGGER is the man...!  I needed some rear bumper end caps for my 1980 restomod pinto. TIGGER had some nice ones and sent them my way at a fair price. what more can you ask ?


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