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Norman Bagi:
Just started a new post here so i don't keep adding with each new event.
Just heard from Good Day Colorado, the Stampede will be interviewed for the morning talk show on Friday May 27th. Anyone ariving early can come with me.  i also have an interview that day with the Boulder Daily camera, this before the official media event at the Wings over the Rockies Museum.
Now that we are getting closer, more media wil be picking this up.

Scott Hamilton:
Guys- Let me hijack this thread and encourage everyone to participate in this once in a lifetime event. The stampede is going to be completely fantastic in more ways than you can imagine. There are things- incredible happenings that Norm is planning that just can't be made public until the time. Please... I am imploring you... if you enjoy Pintos please make plans to participate in the stampede or Carlisle in some fashion. You will be a part of history likely not to come around again in our lifetimes and more importantly you will personally know you where there in one of the most important events that has been associated with the Pinto since the false explosion press kill. Trust me- you will be sorry you missed this event. I have been helping folks within the Pinto Community for 10+ years with their ideas and events and I have never see the leadership and dedication associated with Norm, Phil, Brian and everyone involved. This will be THE event for the Pinto Community for a very long time to come.

Join us, Join me in participating. .. Find a way- trust me... Find a way!

All I can say is- Don't miss this! Don't miss this!

 not gonna miss it even going as far as having a garage sale for extra gas money

I'm making my lists and checking them twice.  ;) :D ;D

Two more weeks for me... then off to Fred's!  ;D


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